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Ladies Midland XC League - Stratford

Race two of the Midlands XC League saw the BRAT ladies heading to Stratford for a new course. We weren’t sure what lay in store but upon arrival it was clear this was going to be a hilly one. A walk of the course later (where we got out of breath just walking) we concluded this was the hilliest course any of us had ever run. However, it turns out BRAT ladies are pretty swift over a hilly course with the senior team finishing a superb 3rd overall climbing the overall standings. Great runs were had by all, the course was extremely challenging and there were a couple of spectacular falls– both Helen and Jen took a tumble but in true XC spirit got straight back up and chasing down people. BRAT ladies have ended 2016 on an absolute high, and it is exciting to see what happens in the remaining races in 2017! A big thank you to everyone who has raced so far, see you back in the mud after Christmas! 


Full Results:


Molly Browne 7th

Helena Eastham 9th

Leonie Balter 15th

Jen Straw 19th

Megan Thomas 45th

Sarah Hinksman 50th

Eloise Lee 52nd

Lisa Tindle 56th

Helen Pike 63rd

Claire Keene 81st

Claire Jackson 88th

Sarah Bakewell 104th

Catherine McNicholl 112th

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Last Sunday morning (27/04/2014) at 9 am a sizeable contingent of BRATs set off to complete the Shakespeare (Half-) Marathon.

The conditions were near perfect (cool & damp but not wet) for distance running, if it hadn't been for the strong wind. This wind, atypically blowing from the east, meant that the very exposed final 5 miles after "the hill" on the locally quite muddy Greenway were harder than usual. Nevertheless, some very good performances were recorded.

In the Half Marathon (1995 finishers), Jort van Mourik (pictured) was first BRAT home in 24th position in 84:24 (7-min PB!) closely followed by Toby Close (43, 86:46), Huw Jones (90, 90:37), James Gooch (197, 96:05), Milorad Milojevic (225, 97:24), Jonathan Dodds (228, 97:29), Charles Bamford (241, 97:59), Stacey Bamford (369, 1:42:38), Ben Chan (422, 1:44:19, PB!), Robert Dowse (436, 1:44:40, SB!), John Ramsden (444, 1:44:57), Leanne Parry (608, 1:48:41), James Comiskey (819, 1:54:11), Paul Morey (1352, 2:08:38), Richard Leslie (1362, 2:08:50), and Romaney Southwood (1677, 2:20:39).

In the Marathon (732 finishers), Adam Western was first BRAT home in 26th position in 3:03:21, followed by Tony Davies (72, 3:17:33), Nathan Warren (117, 3:25:45), Louise Beasley (354, 3:57:40), Simon Ellison (550, 4:26:37, PB!), and Paul Cole (591, 4:32:10). Well done to all finishers!

Results can be found here.

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