On 30 March 2013 In Marriages and Babies

Introducing Newest BRAT Junior, Harry Philps…

We are delighted to congratulate Ladies Triathlon captain Cat Philps (néeTomaney) and Alex Philps on the birth of Harry Alexander, born on 19th February 2013 and weighing 8lb 12oz. The whole family are doing really well and have even been spotted coming along to Saturday morning BRAT(accino!) sessions already. Cat is looking forward to getting back into training as soon as she can, and hopes to be racing competitively again by the Autumn. Alex recently got a new nappy changing PB, and is Harry is still thinking about whether he will be a triathlete or a runner… or a rugby player! Either way, his genes suggest he will be a very competent athlete. Very best wishes to the Philps family, from all their friends in the BRAT Club.

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