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Congratulations to Mim (nee Kirby) and Darrell Merryweather

Multiple Ironman competitor (8 IM including Kona World Championships 2008) Mim Kirby was married to Darrell Merryweather (Kickboxing black belt and champion) on Friday October 11 2013 at the beautiful wedding venue of Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe.  BRATs in attendance included Brian and Clare Tilley (Brian is recovering from multiple fractures following a nasty bike accident - but now walking and looking hale and hearty!), Mark and Wendy Easter (previous secretary of the BRAT Club / first coach of the juniors), Steve (Bike and Style Guru) and Julie Washbourne, Tauny and Debbie Southwood, Mark (Twiggy) Attwood, Jenny Hill (recently qualified for Kona) and Simon Booth.

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