On 18 May 2017 In Swimming News

Open Water Swimming at Upper Bittell Reservoir, Barnt Green Sailing Club, Barnt Green is now underway for the 2017 summer season.

We hope to swim every Thursday until September 7th.

Swimming starts at 6pm when the life guard and safety boat operator are ready. We will also need 1 observer and 1 administrator for each session.

Swimmers must start their final lap at 7.30pm or earlier if the light is poor.

The cost of the session is £5.00.

You no longer need to be a member of BRAT to swim at Bittell. If you are not a member and would like to swim, you will need to complete the day membership registration form before entering the water and agree to be bound by the BRAT Open Water Session Rules. A copy of these rules are available at the venue.

To help with the administrative process, it would be great if any non-BRAT first time swimmers could complete and print out the form prior to coming to the venue (Bittell_OW_swimmng_day_member_form_2017.docx).

We have modified the loop for 2017 and reduced it's length to approximately 400 metres. This is due to both swimmer feedback and to make it easier for the volunteers to keep tabs on everyone in the water.

WE ARE ALWAYS IN NEED OF VOLUNTEERS TO KEEP THESE GREAT SESSIONS GOING, SO PLEASE VOLUNTEER. Speak to one of the volunteers at a session if you would like to help out.

We have been made aware of the issue of 'killer shrimp' by Barnt Green Sailing Club. If you have used your wetsuit in any water courses that are known to be affected by this invasive species, it must be rinsed and, more importantly, thoroughly dried before you wear it at Bittell. Bittell is currently free of killer shrimp and we want to ensure it stays so.

We look forward to seeing you there!


On 19 April 2015 In Swimming News

GOOD NEWS - For anyone wanting to swim on a Tuesday or Friday morning we've sourced a slot at Blue Coat School pool, as normal from 6am - 7am. As KES is out of action for the foreseeable future, we've finally found somewhere to take us, so we've got no excuses to not be fit going into the summer. See you there.